Research in how to design and maintain “intelligent” bufferzones along streams for the optimum use of their ecosystem services, is lacking. Interdisciplinary research of the potential of bufferzones is required – focusing on:

The research group behind BufferTech intends to implement State-of-the-Art research with a strong interdisciplinary research approach. We aim to include new technologies to maximise ecosystem services within the bufferzones and develop a decision support system to describe the multifunctional effects of bufferzones as well as the cost-effectiveness. In BufferTech we aim to test and upscale the decision support system in two buffer zone observatories by involvement of the local stakeholders.

BufferTech includes 2 PhD’s and 6 post.doc’s. and collaborates with 6 companies and two strong international partners.

Read more about bufferzones in the article “Riparian Buffer Strips as a Multifunctional Management Tool in Agricultural Landscapes”.